Lotus, Hethel Engineering Centre

Describe your business in a nutshell:

For 70 years, Lotus has been at the forefront of innovation in the car industry building some of the world’s most respected and highest performing sports cars. Hand made by skilled craftsmen and women, the benchmark Evora, the iconic Elise and the revered Exige all deliver a pure, exhilarating drive.

Based in Norfolk, for the last 52 years, Lotus is part of the Geely Group and employs over 900 staff at its headquarters in Hethel. Immensely proud of its heritage, Lotus combines the very best of British craftsmanship with cutting edge design.

What attracted you to move or set-up your business in Greater Norwich?

When the founder of Lotus, Colin Chapman moved his company from Hertfordshire to Hethel in Greater Norwich 52 years ago he did so for three main reasons: technology, space and infrastructure,

  • Norfolk boasted a workforce of skilled boat builders versed in the technology of composite manufacture. These skills complemented those of the team who had moved with Lotus to Hethel,
  • The company needed more space – Lotus had outgrown its Hertfordshire facilities and Hethel provided room to expand, providing new manufacturing, engineering and motorsport facilities and a test track
  • the local infrastructure further encouraged Lotus to settle in Norfolk

What are the top three benefits for your business being in Greater Norwich?

  • Greater Norwich has space for expansion and development.
  • The region has greatly improved infrastructure, skills and technology and the knowhow to ensure that the local economy continues to grow.
  • The quality of life in Greater Norwich attracts potential future employees.