Tropic Bioscience, NRP

Business in a nutshell

  • Tropic Bioscience creates new high performing commercial varieties of tropical crops, including bananas and coffee using genetic editing techniques.

What attracted you to set-up your business on the NRP?

  • After considering multiple locations in the UK and abroad, the team decided to base its headquarters at the Norwich Research Park, where we have been operating for the last 2.5 years. The main rational for the decision was the proximity to some of the world’s leading plant genetics institutions, providing us access to a fantastic talent pool and first class facilities.

What are the top three benefits for you/your business being in Greater Norwich?

  • Access to high quality talent graduating from the John Innes Centre, TSL, UEA and other local research institutions.
  • Access to world class laboratories and facilities to support our work.
  • Generous financial support provided by the Norfolk County and the Eastern Agritech programme