Agriculture, Agritech and Food & Drink

Be part of a sector worth £3.6bn

Being in Greater Norwich gives you access to East Anglia’s national and international food and drink companies. With over 800 businesses active in food and drink production in the county, you’ll be part of Agri-Tech East, a business focused cluster organisation set up to improve international competitiveness and sustainability of agriculture.

High-value major and boutique companies in the area specialise in: sugar, malt, the production and processing of poultry and pork, cider and fruit wines, beer, chocolate, soft drinks and potatoes, among others.

Your business will be supported by a local supply chain of firms specialising in machinery and equipment, and research facilities such as The Morley Laboratory Foundation, which specialises in crop trials and educational projects.

Norwich Research Park located here provides you with specialists in plant and microbial sciences and interdisciplinary environmental science, through its internationally-renowned 4 institutes namely the John Innes Centre, The Sainsbury Laboratory, Quadram Institute and The Earlham Institute.

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You’ll benefit from access to Agri-tech and LEADER Rural funding and grants which are industry specific for companies looking to grow in rural area.

The Agri-tech grant scheme is EU funded to support the growth of Agritech/ Food & Drink companies.

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LEADER rural development programme and funding for all types of rural companies to help grow including funding for equipment, assets and infrastructure.

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Easton and Otley College provides 5,000 students with training in agricultural subjects. The College is within the Food Enterprise Park – a shared endeavour between Broadland and South Norfolk District Councils.

Greater Norwich offers competitive land rates and business lets, and is 45% cheaper than operating in London or Cambridge.

You can talk to one of our Greater Norwich officers, who can give you advice and support. Call today on 0345 877 8921.

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Over 800 Food & Drink companies

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Access to 5,000 agriculture students

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Norfolk’s only Food Enterprise Zone

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